Competent and thorough medical care
Emergency care for our patients
Diagnosis and therapy of internal diseases
Soft tissue surgery
Gestation care and obstetrics
Dental-treatment and oral hygiene via ultrasound with polishing and fluoridation
Dental treatment for rodents
Vaccination and health certificates for dogs, cats and ferrets
EU Travel papers for dogs, cats and ferrets (based on european law)
General check-up and counselling for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs (and other rodents) and birds
International microchip implantation and registration
Digital X-ray
Ultrasound consultation
In house laboratory blood analysis
Diagnosis of allergies and allergen immunotherapy
Bloodpressure control
Counselling and prevention of travel diseases
Counselling and help with the decision of purchasing a dog or cat
Diabetes treatment and control
Nutritional advice
Hospital treatment for better surveillance
House Calls

Surgeries/dental treatments and house Calls are offered outside office hours.